Webster's Technique for Pregnant Women in Athens PA?

Chiropractic Athens PA Websters Technique

The Webster’s technique is a gentle chiropractic adjustment that aligns the pelvis and includes a soft tissue release of associated muscle groups. It allows the pelvis to function properly during pregnancy. The technique reduces soft tissue tension that may cause uterine torsion which allows for an ideal environment for the baby to grow and move. Webster’s technique in Athens PA is helpful in providing relief for common lower back and sciatic pains that pregnant women often experience.

The Webster's Technique in Athens PA

Like all areas of chiropractic, Webster’s Technique operates under the philosophy that by helping the body return to its most natural positioning and proper alignment, we can take a step back and let the body manage itself naturally with no outside interference. In many cases, this is exactly what happens. The Webster Technique treatment is comfortable and safe for both mom and baby. Patients often share that they wish they would’ve started sooner or tried chiropractic during their previous pregnancies.

Webster’s Technique is a specific chiropractic technique that is focused on stabilizing the sacrum and SI joint for improved function. Also known as Webster’s Protocol, the technique is most often used in pregnant women to improve pelvic and uterine function and correct fetal positioning, but it can be helpful for anyone who is suffering from low back, pelvic and SI joint stiffness and pain. This treatment effectively eases the discomfort often associated with pregnancy and has been shown in some studies to reduce pain and difficulty during labor (dystocia), and reduce labor time!

With 32 years of experience successfully treating pregnant moms, infants and toddlers, our doctors are here to help you and your entire family achieve optimal health and wellness!

If you are curious about how chiropractic can help you with your pregnancy call our team at Horn Family Chiropractic in Athens today.


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