Benefits of Stretching & Corrective Exercises in Athens PA

Chiropractic Athens PA Corrective Exercise

At Horn Family Chiropractic in Athens, PA we teach our patient’s the importance of improving their flexibility through simple Stretching and Corrective exercises. They are tailored specifically to the individual needs of each patient to help correct the body’s structure and restore normal function.

Nearly everyone has some degree of imbalance in their body. These occur when one part of the body is overworked to compensate for another part’s weakness. For example, you may walk more heavily on one leg than the other or sit slightly twisted because it is more comfortable. Imbalances arise from poor posture, repetitive movements, compensating for injuries and improper lifting techniques. Over time, these imbalances can lead to injuries and chronic discomfort.

Our goal is to help patients overcome injuries and strengthen their bodies so that they can function optimally and be more resilient to daily physical stress.

Your personal corrective exercise program will reflect the areas of the body in which you need the most support.

Key Benefits of Chiropractic Corrective Exercises:

REDUCE OR ELIMINATE PAIN: Living with pain can be very upsetting and debilitating, particularly when your discomfort is significant and/or chronic. Many people are unhappy to be reliant on pain medications and find their constant state both mentally and physically exhausting. Studies have shown that when corrective exercises are combined with regular chiropractic adjustments, it can provide relief from many different types of pain.

FASTER HEALING: Corrective exercises can bring the body back into alignment and restore normal movement, which in turn increases blood flow and circulation, sending more oxygenated blood around the body. This promotes tissue healing, reduces swelling and inflammation, and helps to counteract pain.

INCREASED STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY: Our musculoskeletal system is what gives our body form, enabling us to stand, walk, run, bend, lift, twist, and more. When there are problems that affect our musculoskeletal system, it can make these actions difficult, and this can compromise certain aspects of our day to day lives. Corrective exercises can help to develop and strengthen your muscles and connective tissues, making your body stronger, more flexible, and more durable.

BETTER POSTURE: Most of us are guilty of having poor posture at some time or another. Stretching & Corrective exercises can be used to improve your posture and eliminate many of the issues associated with poor posture.

INJURY PREVENTION: Corrective exercises will not only help to heal your injury more quickly but by strengthening the body, it could help reduce the possibility of additional injuries occurring in the future.

For more information about corrective exercises, or to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns, please call Horn Family Chiropractic today.


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