How We Treat in Athens PA

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We offer a variety of different treatments in Athens PA, to meet all your needs.

Treatments in Athens PA

  • Gentle, Safe Advanced Chiropractic Adjustments For All Ages
  • Thorough Consultation & Bio Structural Functional Exam
  • Digital X-rays- Safer, faster and clearer imaging
  • Non- Surgical Spinal Decompression for successfully treating Bulging and Herniated Discs, Sciatica, Stenosis and Degenerative Arthritis
  • Extremity Traction for wrist, ankle, knee & hips
  • Active Therapeutic Movement- Restores function and eliminates painful movement by retraining the body's central nervous system to correct muscle movement patterns and improve range of motion
  • Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy- Increase blood flow to injured areas to speed up healing and decrease pain. For conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Bursitis, Arthritis, Sprains, Strains and more
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy- delivers sound waves to the problem area to stimulate healing
  • Massage Therapy
  • Gratson Technique
  • Webster Technique
  • Muscle Stimulation Therapy- Promote healing and provides pain relief by increasing blood circulation to the injured area
  • Corrective Exercises- Postural stretching, flexibility and strengthening exercises to help keep your body in motion
  • Nutritional supplements and counseling- Comprehensive nutritional evaluations to enhance healing and improve the quality of your life
  • Athletic Care/Sports Performance & Rehabilitation- Improve your level of play at any age
  • Workplace Wellness Talks & Educations Workshops


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